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    Hi im currently running a 50/75/75/75/75/75 dosage of halotest25 and im really likeing the results..Im trying to plan ahead my next cycle and so far im going to run halotren(powerlabs), and ids origianl mass tabs, i already got my pct im either going to run nolva or clomid not sure going to keep researching to see what i should do.And im going to pump milk thistle hawthorne berry thuarine and crannberrry extract, and fish oil for support sups.Im also going to either use mega man extreme vida pak or go with animal pak for my multi vits,and i will have whey isolate.But my question is i want to gain as much mass and muscle as i can so what else should i take while running this to do that..plz be free to critize me thank you for your help (=

  2. What is your diet like....diet is the deciding factor here In my opinion....also not familiar with halotren but if I had to take a guess by the name it is halovar mixed with tren....IF this is the case why in the world would you throw in a third compound? That seems like overkill to me....just my opinion sir.......so please clarify these things and myself and others can be better suited to critique you!
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  3. meal 1-1cup oats
    protien shake-1scoop
    egg whites-3 teaspoons

    meal 2-tuna 1 can
    protien shake-1scoop
    bread 2 slices

    meal3-post workout
    brown rice- 1cup
    turkey breast grilled-6ounces
    protien shake-2scoops
    eggs-2 raw

    steak/or chicken breast grilled-8ounces
    brown rice-1cup

    2 slices whole wheat bread extra protien

    meal 6-

    meal7-before sleep

    greek yogurt-1cup
    protien shake 1/2 sccop

  4. and its halodrol with tren

  5. Quote Originally Posted by xxjoker122 View Post
    and its halodrol with tren
    its actually halo and max-lmg but keep trying.

  6. ohhh well i ghuess im going to have to sue then because on the bottle it says its halodrol with tren thank you humpthe**** i mean humpthecook (=

  7. your diet looks okay, but make sure you do your research, I would just get something like Hdrol mixed with the ids product....three compounds is alot....how experinced are you in the world of steroids?
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  8. ive taken prohormones before and have worked out for a while ive allways been in shape. But if your considering halotren a steriod i dont really think it is,its only a level 2 ph,and mass tabs correct me if im wrong are not a steriod either?

  9. thank you hump the c0ck (=

  10. no its anabolic alright it IS a steroid.....it just has to be broken down by the liver before it actually BECOMES an anabolic steroid....it is a steroid....lets see....and tren is the same case my man.....how old are you? If your taking Tren and Halo i wouldnt run the masstabs....save them to stack with something else
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  11. how long have you been lifting? do you have your pct lined up if so what is it?
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  12. Quote Originally Posted by HumpTheCook View Post
    its actually halo and max-lmg but keep trying.


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