Epi and M1-4add safe together?

  1. Epi and M1-4add safe together?

    I have hear alot about using Epistane and M1-4add together and I was just wondering is this safe if only taken for 4 weeks? I realize it might be somewhat of a risk and could be dangerous as are all ph supps but Im wondering if it is managable, and if so could it be taken by a first time ph user's first cycle to try to reach size and cutting goals in the same cycle?

  2. 2 methyls with largely unknown hepatotoxicity. No, I wouldn't try that.
    Besides, you weigh 165lbs. Try eating some more food before resorting to AAS.

  3. There was a company that came out with these compounds together.m14e. Ive read greats results on this site.


  4. ok deffinetly not now that I see that, I just read a adv on it last night before i posted it saying it wasnt methyl and I just looked at it again on another place and see it now, But the only thing I dont understand is, If you cant take them together why would it recomend you take epistane after your done taking the m1-4add, zlong with your normal pct.
    Also I do eat alot and cant gain even .5lbs in a long time. Ive had meal plans with my doc, Ive tried eating crap foods just to gain weight, Ive eating healthy and often, Still nothing. Thats why Im resulting to the aas/ph side of it. I just want to get the correct info and the truth, I know its not magic and I know I wont be a bodybuilding machine after taking something that says you will be however, I just want to put on some serious size and strength and weight and so far I havent been able to. thanx for the reply man.

  5. this actually seems like a good stack becdause epi has anti estrogen properties while m14add is very powerful yet causes estrogen conversion. people run these together often this is prob the next thing on my list. i definately wouldnt recomend anyones first ph cycle to have m14add. i would recomend p-mag/h-roid or something milder along those lines as a standalone for a first cycle
    hope that helps

  6. If you cannot gain weight without steroids, you will quickly lose all the weight you gained when your off./

    I have seen decent amount of bloodwork to suggest m4-e isnt more hepatoxic than say superdrol.


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