DBol + Var

  1. DBol + Var

    Im doing a cycle..... looking for some input

    dbol- 30 mg
    dbol- 30 mg
    dbol/var- 30/ 50
    var- 50 mg
    var- 50 mg

    only wanna do a short cycle... 5 weeks. im gonna take cycle assist and arimadex with a multi v and super cissus throughout the whole thing. nolva after for the dbol. i know two orals are bad but not taking them at the same time and its so short.

    how does this sound to put on about 12-15 lbs of lean muscle?

  2. muscle is lean by definition. gaining 12-15 pounds on this cycle... possible, it being PURE muscle, no, not likely at all.
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  3. Dbol is wet as f*ck. You'll gain a low of water. Drop one of the orals and add test. Eat clean and your bulk can be as "lean" as YOU make it.

  4. change out the dbol for test enanth is something i was seriously considering so its good you suggested that. i just could potentially have a drug test for aas in like september and some sites say test en can stay in your system for 3 months.... my cycle would end mid july which would only leave about a month and a half. also, what about the aux supplements.... what should i get instead of arimadex since im changin out the dbol for test?

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