Oral Summer Homebrew Methyl Question:

  1. Talking Oral Summer Homebrew Methyl Question:

    I need some public opinion on this mix. I am looking do to a 3 week cycle of M 1, 4 diol 500mg's and M-5aa 1.0 G's. I choose those numbers because that is what I have taking up space in my closet before I sell my soul to designersupps for more powder.

    My question is, has anyone had any success mixing those two compounds in some type of solution that holds moderatly well? I have no issues with making my own getto mixes, but I was throwing around 24 ml of olive oil, 24 ml of 151 for 1.5 G's of product.

    As far as diet, training, liver recovery, DHT, PCT I will be doing the regular insurance supps. I train 4-5 days a week, cutting like hell for summer, enjoying nicorette with caffiene for mild app suppression.

    I have a couple of Training certs so all my question is, do my liquids look like they could work, poss in synergy? I will be using hot bath method of about 160 degrees F and shaking like a polariod. That was so 2003, thanks for anything you've got to share. Now go bust some azzzzzz!!!

  2. well the m5aa i knwo wont hold above 10mgs unless you dont mind heating for each use. the m14 shoudnt be a problem to do 25mgs per ml, you will just need to heat it for a while.

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