more 1-ad... or m1t?

  1. more 1-ad... or m1t?

    Hey guys. I'm on day 19 of my 1-ad cycle, and have been running 400mgs per day. I had originally planned to run this for 4 weeks, but am now considering on extending that a couple weeks. I haven't had any negative sides except a little lethargy and am now starting to get lower back pains/pumps when doing deadlifts. Other than that, it's been going great. The 1-ad just started to kick in the last couple of days and so far I'm up about 7 or 8 pounds, bf remaing constant at around 13%. I don't feel shut down at all yet, which is surprising because I opted to run this without any 4-ad. My sex drive is still running strong which is why I am now thinking of extending this cycle to 6 weeks. Here's my dilemma... should I buy another bottle of 1-ad ($35) and run 600mgs the last 2 weeks or should I switch to m1t at 5 mgs instead ($2.50)? I've already got a couple of bottles of m1t that I picked up at 1fast for 10 bucks so I really don't want to spend another 35 bucks plus shipping for some 1-ad... but I'm not sure if it's wise to switch at this point. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! By the way, I already have nolva which I'm going to run at 40,40,20,20 for pct along with liver support. It is my first cycle, but I have responded very well to 1-ad, it's just a little expensive now that there's m1t and other compounds out that are so much more cost effective...

  2. I wouldn't know about mixing the substances during cycle. But, what I would do is finish your cycle as planned with the four week. Do your PCT, then when it's time for another cycle, do your M1T. Personally would not add the two, but I have nothing show why. I would just think that you may get shut down pretty hard when you least expected it. And getting shut down is no fun.

    I'm sure others who would know more will give you worthy advice on what to do.

  3. There's no problem extending to 6-7 weeks. It takes 3-4 weeks to start seeing gains on 1ad or 1-test, so I recomend 6 weekers. I would finish out your current cycle & try m1t next time. It sounds like you're gaining well without it. You could add m1t if you want, but I wouldnt take m1t without 4ad. The sides will be bad without it. M1t is also much more toxic than 1ad.

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