1-test with test prop?

  1. 1-test with test prop?

    Have any of you guys here taken 1-test with test prop? The reason I ask is because last winter I took a Test Enanthate/EQ cycle and gained some good mass but also bloated up alot with about 3-4 lbs of fat. As of now I have been on a 4-AD 1-test home brew for a week and a half and dieting hard with very low carbs and am just cutting up like crazy. My question is have you guys tried mixing the legal with the illegal? To me 1-test seems like an awsome steroid and I have taken it many times before and am always pleased with the hardness and vascularity I get off it. Now I have never taken any other androgen besides 1-test and was thinking of trying maybe some tren, winny, or masteron but my question is sense this 1-test is doing such a good job will I get the same results from a differet androgen? 1-test also puts me in a great mood and gives me a big drive in the gym, do the other androgens do this also?

  2. 1test along with the test has been done by some guys on various board

  3. Look up Old Guy's original cycle log in the cycles section.

    I brewed up a 1Tcyp and synovex prop batch for a friend of mine, and he had great results. But he hadn't used 1T before and it'd been several years since he'd done anything anyways, soooo....

  4. thanks I will look in the used cycles forum and see what I can find. I am just wondering what winstrol would be like in place of 1-test or even fina.

  5. I have a log in there where I did a 1-test/TNE transdermal cycle...I was very pleased



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