Anyone actually had success with letro/nolva?

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    Anyone actually had success with letro/nolva?

    I see a lot of threads about it but nobody ever updates to say if it worked or not. Can anyone offer some first hand experience?

    I was taking Prime and cissus and got itchy sore nips but thought nothing of it because I wasn't using hormones and never had. Since then I have had lumps under both nips as well as small painless lumps between the nips and armpits. It hasn't gotten much worse with PH use but it occasionally hurts a little and gets puffy. Fortunately both lumps are less than marble sized right now, but it bothers me.

    Right now the plan is letro up to 1.75/day followed by 10/day nolva after tapering down, and see if some of this won't go away.

  2. dpfisher
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    Nobody? Cmon I'm blossoming into a beautiful young woman over here, I could use some help.

  3. Use letro! I'd blast it @ 2.5mg from the start till you feel the lumps subside then taper it down. Letro penetrates deep into the breast tissue and will kill it in no time. It will kill your sex drive and your joints will ache since it kills your estro.
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    Has it worked for you? I've seen that posted around but I don't think I've ever seen anyone say "yeah I did it and it worked"

  5. Yes, it worked/works

  6. I have used it and it cleared me right up

  7. Worked for me so I'm a firm believer

  8. im at the end of my third week at 2.5, right nip lump comletely gone, left nip still has kind of a small bb sized hard lump, but honestly i cant remember what a normal male nipple feels like, nobody will let me get a no-homo feel . ive read to stay on the letro till its gone, but its been about a week since anything has changed, so im gonna taper down, 2 weeks 20/10 with nolva and hope im done with it. cant wait to get to my next cycle sd/tren.
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    Thanks for the reassurance guys. I've only had 2 days of it- .5mg and .75mg and all visible signs are gone. The lumps don't feel any smaller yet but the visual change has me stoked. I might try epi at 20 or 30 at some point in the future but that's at least a few months off.

  10. Never had lumps so I have never had to run Letro. I always take care of it with Nolva before it gets that far.

    I have had puffy, itchy, sore, and even leaky nips before. I would run Nolva until it cleared up. So yes, had success.


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