Putting together a cycle. Fairly new, so looking for some expert advice.

  1. Exclamation Putting together a cycle. Fairly new, so looking for some expert advice.

    As of right now I have available to me Sustanon 600 (going to use it as my test base). Deca 300. And I can get some QV Tren 75. Not sure if it's a good idea to mix the three. Instead of the tren, I'd like to use d-bol. Just have to get them. Was just wondering if it was a good idea to run Sust/Deca/Tren together in one cycle, and as someone new to all three of these products, I would only need a low dose.

    The Sust 600 bottle I'm getting is a 20ml bottle.
    The Deca 300 is 10 ml.
    I'm not sure about the QV Tren yet because I haven't got it.

    I'm roughly 6'1" and I weight 190lbs, but I have a low tolerance so a low dose of each will do wonders for me. So you experts out there, what do you think of this combo? Crazy powerful? Or incredibly stupid?

    Ideally, I want to run Deca 300/Test 250/5mg pink hex's.

    BTW; Sustanon is a form of testosterone, correct? Because I'm under the impression running deca without deca is like comitting sexual suicide. Anyway, any input and advice is greatly appreciated. Espically from people who have used these products and know what they are talking about. Thanks

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  2. I can't answer most of your questions. But as far as I know sustanon is a blend of testosterone esthers. Testosterone Propionate, testosterone Phenylpropionate, testosterone Isocaproate,and testosterone Decanoate. That way some hit you quick and some stay active for awhile. I don't know the dosages of each or that there aren't more or less esthers in different brands. Dosages probably depend on total mg per ml.

  3. im not an expert. and I may not know anything about steroids.

    that being said, without knowing your cycle history, i'd say this cycle is a bit much for you to start off with.

    no offense, but you dont seem confident as to what sust. is.

    also, I wouldnt stack two 19nor compounds together. not saying you cant, but i wouldn't.

    also, 5mg of dbol (you said 5mg pink hex's so im assuming it's dbol) isnt going to do sheet.

    how about 600mg of sust for 10 weeks, with 30-50mg of dbol for the first 4.


    now im scared to ask about your pct plan.

    but I really do think you should pick up one or more of the books in my signature, and read them before you begin your cycle.

    again, I'm no expert, but thats my advice.

  4. I'm on my first cycle of sust 250 and anavar. I did tons and tons and tons of research before I put it together and started it. I would recommend the same. The more confident and knowledgable you are about ur cycle the less preoccupied and scared you will be, letting you concentrate on hitting the weights and diet. That's what I'm doing right now!! I'm busting my a** at gym! Good luck!!

  5. I just meant 5mg tabs, not only taking 5mgs, planning on taking 20mgs. People who haven't ran a lot of d-bol cycles only need a small amount to acheive the same effects as people who haveused ot for a while and take 40-50mg.

    Right now I'm thinking I'm going to X the Tren, and try to get a hold of a bottle of 5mg dbol's x1000. I should be able to get it. So here's my thoughts,

    week 1-4 20-25mgs dbol
    week 1-4 300mg deca every 3-4 days
    week 1-5 300mg sustanon once a week.
    week 1-4 small doses of nolvadex
    week 4-6 50mg clomid (or clomidexx ((heard they are both basically the same/do the sam,e thing)) and nolvadex, depending on how i feel is how long I will stay on PCT. Also, just for call it placebo effects, and to feel better, and possible help, I will be getting a natural test booter to take after my cycle. **Edit: As for PCT, do you think I'm going to need something more serious, and take it throughout my cycle and for about a month afterwards biud?**

    **Edit: I really do want to run the D-bol, but I'm not sure I can obtain it, I Have QV Tren 75, Sust 600, and Deca 300 available right at my fingertips. I'm just not sure how hardcore that's going to be seeing as this would be my first REAL cycle with a combo of several different AAS's. Maybe I should just take Sust and Deca, and if I can get it, take the little pink hexagons (my absolute favorites =D)

    Also througout this cycle I will be taking Liver Maxx, Milk Thistle, A few different OTC ammino acids, GNC multivitamans (or vitapaks), considering taking Trenabol (British Dragon Nutracuticals), Omega-3/Fish Oil gel caps, L-Glutamine, and (probably) NO2 Black, 300ish grams of protein a day, 3500-5000 calories a day, 1-2 Gallons of purified bottled water, and working on something to proevent bloating and aromatose.

    Just to clarify this one last time.... (<--yes newb). Sustanon is a type of Test, so instead of ordering Test Enanthate 250, I can take the 20ML Sustanon 600 that my friend has, and just take a .5ML each week dose instead of all 600, seeing as with my tolerance, all I would need is around 300mg.

    All I have done before was take 10-15mgs of dbol a day for 4 weeks, along with Epivol and NO2, ammino acids, multivitamins, and a lot of food. I wouldn't consider that a cycle, so I would consider this my first REAL cycle. So please, correct me in any areas you can, and offer all the help you are willing to give. And please be crystal clear about the points you are trying to make. Here are my specs:

    Male: 21y 8mos
    Weight: 188-193
    Height: 6'2/3"

    Looking to bulk up, put on mass and gain a lot of strength the first month, and then shread up and become sculpted the second month. (I've heard winny is good for getting cut.)

    Anyway, I've gone on long enough. I hope I've provided enough information for you experts to give me the advice and guidance I so desperatel need.

    Thanks for taking the time to read, and thanks again for those of you who do know and can come on here and provide me with the information necessary for me to acheive me goals. Thank you, thank you.

    And remember, always, GOHARD--24/7

  6. Going to bed, so in the meantime if anyone reads this and has any knowledgeable advice or tips, leave em for me and I'll greatly appreciate waking up and knowing more than I did when I went to bed.

    Thanks guys, goodnight.

  7. Okay...Nandrolone has a ridiculously long half life. So running 4 weeks of it is useless. It will do nothing for you.

    Start of with something simple. Get some Test E or C and run a 10 week cycle. Don't add anything else to it as it will complicate things for you. Since you have a low tolerance, about 400mg/week will be fine.

    You will pin them twice per week...either Sun/Wed or Mon/Thurs, depending on your preference.

    They have a long half life as well, so you won't feel it until about week 3 or 4. That's when the magic happens. My best gains are from weeks 3-8.

    Then get yourself a solid PCT and keep the gains.

  8. No OTC PCT!

  9. Quote Originally Posted by GoHard247 View Post
    People who haven't ran a lot of d-bol cycles only need a small amount to acheive the same effects as people who haveused ot for a while and take 40-50mg.
    Theres no reasonable evidence of that anywhere. No medical evidence either.

    And the 4 week dosing is ridiculous, even with sustanon. If you aren't running deca at least 9-10 weeks, or sust at least 6-7 you will mostly spend money, put yourself at risk and see about what in total gains you could have seen over the same time (cycle + PCT).

  10. Damnit sorry guys, don't have time to read any of this right now, I have to run out real quick but I will be back in an hour and we will continue our discussion then. Cool, thanks guys, feel free to add any more imput while I'm gone. I'm also having some new thoughts on a different cycle and doing different things, but I'm just not sure. Talk to you guys in an hour or two.

    GO HARD 24/7 !!!

  11. As for the d-bol effect, I was told I was being sold 50mg tabs, but when I looked them up they looked just like the 5mg ones. Could have been wrong when I thought they were only 5mg, could have been tricked into thinking they were 50. I think it's the latter. As for that, I ran 10mgs for the first 2 wks and 15mgs the last 2wks (assuming they were only 5 becahse thats exactly how they looked). I was also running no2, a lot of protein (around 250-300mg) and eating 5-7 meals a day, solid meals, with muscle milks and protein bars inbetween. Drank gallons of water, and nearly a gallon of milk a day. In the end, of 4 mos I gained atleast 100lbs on my bench, if not a little more, went from 176ish-205ish. Who knows reaaally.

    Idk what I'm gonna do yet, I'd love to just run some solid test e with dbol but my funds are low and all I can get ahold of is what I can be given without paying immediately. Which is Sust 600, Deca 300 (already have it), and QV Tren 75. He said he might try and get some Test E 250 for me since thats what I wanted, but I know I'll get excellent results weather i run Test or Sust.

    As for the 1 mo. VS the 3 mos. cycle, I am just worried about putting that stuff into my body for 3 mos straight, so Id rather do a couple short cycles. But if you all seem to think that a 3 month cycle is the best way to go, I'm taking your advice and stocking up for 3 months, which means I'm grabbing this Sust 600 if nothing else comes through, because its a 20ML jar, and I can either cut it down and add oils, or do what I've been planning and probably will do and just pin .5ML. It'll take a few more days planning, but I hope to have it figured out and have all my gear in hand or ordered by the [email protected]

    GO HARD!!! night.

  12. maybe im confused. it's called sustanon 600. but im going to take a guess and say it's 300mg per ml, giving you 20ml, so at 600mg you have a ten week cycle.

    if you cant get the dbol. buy some superdrol to kick start your cycle with.

    dont take any nolva or clomid during you're cycle unless you have to, and then you'll only need the nolva. save it for pct.

    I'm tired of typing, maybe someone else can spoon feed you a pct program.

    best advice you're going to get will be to buy anabolics 9th edition, or anabolic pharmacology, and READ THEM. then you'll have all the info you need to run a solid cycle and pct.

    if you cant afford it, i'd say sell/trade that deca and tren you got to get a copy of one of them.

  13. This is making Me laugh A LOTTTT

  14. Quote Originally Posted by UniqueJustin View Post
    This is making Me laugh A LOTTTT
    im here for you're amusement.


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