Hey Anabolic Mind'ers,

As a general rule of thumb, I have been advised and taken to heart the practice of always testing each and every batch of home-brew or UG product I produce/receive by administering a 1cc single dosage and paying close attention to all signs of soreness, discoloration, stiffness, and ultimately infection or cyst development; before embarking upon the cycle full-force with that certain oil.

I finished my most recent Finaplix conversion to Tren-A recently, and was wondering if anyone has any thoughts regarding whether or not a full 24 hour period would be enough of a review period to make an educated assumption as to whether or not the sterilization was successful and the end-product is good to go? The reason why it has become important this go-around, is because of course Tren-A is an ED injection protocol, and I plan on taking full advantage of this always amazing compound, but don't want to be so gung-ho I begin injection rotation before being able to conclusively make an informed judgment call concerning the cleanliness of each batch.

Due to unforeseen circumstances personally, I was forced to leave the conversion process mid-way through, and all containers and aspiration needles were left exposed to open-air and left uncovered for most of the evening until finally coming back and coffee filtering/heating/completing. This shouldn't be a huge issue by any means, but I would still like some feedback if anyone has any to offer and I greatly appreciate it.

As of right now, approximately 15+ hours after injection... the site and appendage of the injection is completely absent of ANY pain, irritation, discoloration, or muscle stiffness - so it looks like all systems are go; and I am not planning on the next injection until later this evening prior to bed. Finaplix pellets are, by nature, quite a dirty compound preparation, but having used it before, of course it can be converted seamlessly and produce an extremely high grade sterile oil.