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    Hey All,

    I am looking to start cutting shortly and I was after some advice on the plan I have so far.

    A few stats: age 24. I have been training for about a year and have one cycle under my belt. I'm not sure of my exact bf measurement, but I would guess it's about 25%

    When I have cut in the past. mainly Ketogenic diets, I have found that if I keep the carbs too low without a re-feed, after about a week, workouts become an absolute pain and I feel like my metabolism drops considerably, so I have decided to go with a CKD type plan with re-feeds every 7 - 10 days. It will look something like this: Calories will be at about 1500 - 1800/day, protein at about 200g+/day, carbs will be kept very low (up to 20g/day) and fat will also be kept low. Workouts will consist of full body glycogen depletion on days 1 & 2, whatever cardio (HIIT) and workouts I can fit in thru days 3 - 5, and then a high intensity workout day 6 ahead of the re-feed and possible anabolic re-bound.


    The meds I have available are: Sustanon, M1t, t3, clen and ECA.

    Although I have androgens to hand, I'm not sure if I should consider using any of them initially. Although I want the cut to be as fast and effective as possible, my thinking is that with a bf so high, the weight should come off pretty easily without that much help, so I should probably leave the androgens for a few months down the line.

    I plan on running clen and ECA throughout the cut, alternating each every two weeks.

    I am not overly concerned with loosing a little muscle, so I have been toying with the idea of a low’ish dose of t3 (50mcg/day), without any androgens, in the hope that it will keep my metabolism ticking over while on the CKD - Is this a good idea? Will the muscle loss be worth the additional increase in metabolism?

    I also remember reading somewhere, someone suggesting taking m1t but only for the re-feed. This was in the hope that it would boost the anabolic rebound and that you would pack on a small amount of muscle each week (at least put back any lost throughout the week). Anyone have any opinions on this? I like the idea…. but would there be any major HPTA effect from taking say 10mg (5mg 12hrs apart) of m1t once a week?

    Any advice/suggestions appreciated.
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  2. What's your weight and hieght?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by ruffneck
    What's your weight and hieght?
    6'4" - 240lbs

  4. At that bf%, I would go with the t3 for three weeks and the clen for 2 on and 2off with the ECA on the two weeks off. If y our not very concerned with the muscle wasting I would hold off of the sust until you got below 17-19%. It is really your decision on the m1t. I wouldn't use it.
    Diet and plan looks good. I hope you can keep your energy level up at that few calories.

  5. Been there. 300mg sodium usniate with a decent diet (don't over do it if you run this) Don't run it with the M1T though as it may be hard on the liver. Sust is not my fav for anything, and test in genral (by itself that is)is not that good for cutting compared to other things. I don't know much about clen or t3 so all I can tell you is to avoid the EQ at all cost. Does it ever suck at cutting.



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