For all you gyno suffers out there.....a solution!

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  1. For all you gyno suffers out there.....a solution!

    Hey guys, i got good news for all you who suffer gyno from aas or pro-hormones. I myself, have been suffering from marble sized gyno lump for a year now due to ****ing prime ( i ran one low dose pro-hormone cycle of Havoc a few months before then). Anyway, i first tried nolvadex with no results, i then ran letro with slight results, then i lastly tried running epistane. The epistane worked while on cycle (decreased in half) but then the gyno emerged again after pct.

    Anyway i read some interesting stuff about tumeric and its positive results on gyno, so i said **** it and order it in bulk off of ebay (ab a pound). I have been running 20 grams of tumeric along with 1.75 mg of letro (order new letro cause i thought first batch may have been bunk since weds of last week. Since then i have noticed a good amount of reduction as well as the lump itself softening. I will keep everyone updated about my results.

    By the 23 years old and am weighing ab 245 as of now at 6 foot 3. I was benching 455 up until i got hurt a few months ago (shoulder tears) and leg pressing around 1600. Anyways i have ran two pro-horomone cycles of havoc/epi low dosage.

    Please let me know if you guys have any questions! I now how frusterating gyno is, i have literally been scared to have my shirt off for a year now even though its not that noticeable. Good luck to everyone out there

  2. To be honest it's probably just the letro. But good luck man hope it works out for you. Here's an article I always share out when I see someone post something about gyno.

  3. Good site, darkhalf. I'm right there with ya, but I've heard that going all the way up to 2.5 mg is overkill and will just destroy ur lipids. Anybody else hear something similar?

  4. You got gyno from Prime? And is that 20g of Turmeric a day?
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  5. Gyno from Prime? Please elaborate...

  6. Yeah man it was ****ing crazy that i got my gyno symptoms from prime,,,,,thats why it progressed so much because i didnt think anything of it.

    I ran havoc last summer and had great success and pct went great no problems. About 5-6 weeks after pct my friend got my to try prime and jakced......anyway a couple weeks into prime my nipples started to bother me and i though nothing of it because it was just tribulus in there. So, i stopped then all of a sudden a few weeks later there was a marble in my left nipple......****ing bs.....

    2.5 mg of letro is killer, destroy your lipids and your running half that along with 20 mg of tumeric.......yeah its a lot
    -but im aint stopping cause it is doing somthing, and i tried letro alone with no results (may have been bunk)

  7. Thats the guide i have used the last year that you posted TheDARKHalf,,,its a hell of a good guide. I think i got the gyno because my levels hadnt balanced out after my pct and the prime ****ed them up, who knows.......i just dont want to get ****ing surgery. And the thing that sucks, i waited 2 years to run my first ph because i was so scared, and it was prime that did me in.

    I will never run orals again....

  8. Yeah it sounds like prime caused a further imbalance. That sucks man good luck.

  9. Also random question, did anyone nipples return completely to normal after they reversed the gyno? The gyno in my right nipple i got from prime went away naturally, there is not lump or fat under it, but it is still bigger and not as circular as before

  10. yeah it was the weirdest thing, and because it was just tribulus i thought nothing of my symptoms. It happened during exam time and i just though my estrogen levels were up due to stress, but yeah i think my hormones were adjusted yet from pro-hormone- so be careful while taking....

    also about to take my 5 tumeric/letro dose....will keep updated, i want to run ten week test e cycle if i can get this sorted out

  11. Quote Originally Posted by duttvg84 View Post
    wow.. thats really hard to believe that you got gyno from prime(tribulus blend)... im running it right now actually after i finished my pct last month.. now u got me a lil worried..
    During a state of hormone imbalance, something stupid and simple can screw things up. You would never think a needle could make a chair blow up, but if you coat in in nitro and throw it at the chair...

    on a side note, dropping 3500 bucks for gyno surgery is not exactly a bad deal. As it fixes any current issue and also prevents almost all future issues except for a few cases.

  12. Yeah i completely agree with your zero v, i am not scared of gyno surgery i was just hopping to try and fix the issue with out shelling out 3500 dollars. I also want to run my first inject summer cycle in a few months and though i would give my gyno one last try. My lump isnt noticable to others, i just dont wont it to get worse (i guess armidex will be handy if i go on cycle).....there are certainly worse things

    If things dont get better of this letro/tumeric try, i plan on get surgery a few years down the road

  13. Good luck bro.. i'd rather just save up and get it cut out.. thats what I am in the process of doing.
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  14. yeah i know exactly how bad it is having gyno. what i'm doing right now is trying to get really lean, single digit body fat, and i heard it makes your gyno less noticable. And I also heard letro is more effective at reducing the gyno lump if you are already lean, since there is less body fat and nearly no aromatization to estrogen. Right now i'm probably in the low 20s as far as body fat, and i believe my chest is due to both fat and gyno (gland). Anyway I've heard the turmeric thing before, it's supposed to be good at burning chest fat. Also water with lemon juice will help alkalize your body, which makes your body balance the hormones more efficiently. Letro is supposed to work really well if you are on a caloric deficit as it keeps you in anabolic mode by upping your test levels and basically eliminating estrogen. So try leaning out with the turmeric and letro and I think you should see some solid results. You might event want to try a topical fat burner to add to the mix, which would lead to attacking your chest from all angles, fat and gland.

    I'm waiting for my letro to come in which should be any day now and I'm also going to be running caber along with it. I'm also going to be consuming 10 grams of turmeric a day. (which is like 20 pills out of one bottle at 500mg per capsule) $$$$

  15. Yes. Time on+PCT should be the bare minimum of recovery time for any cycle that shut you down, IMO. Until we know the method of action of Prime, it seems too hormonal.
    Paging Dr. Banner. . .

  16. if you can try to order your tumeric on ebay..i got my ground and it was like 6 bucks for a that will save you so money right there. This is day 6 on letro and tumeric.
    As of now the gyno has turned from a hard ball to a more oval shaped mass thats not as hard....i hope thats a sign of a shift.

    Will keep updated

  17. Day 7- no change really..same size as yesterday

  18. 20 grams a day? I've never used tumeric but that sounds like a ****ton
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  19. I dont see how Prime can cause gyno in any possible way.

  20. ive used tumeric, but at a gram a day....20 is a **** ton. But its probably the letro thats killing the gyno.

  21. Quote Originally Posted by UnrealMachine View Post
    20 grams a day? I've never used tumeric but that sounds like a ****ton
    Yeah 20 grams is a **** ton of turmeric, but thats what i have read online....YEah it ****ing sucks drinking it down, but if it helps get rid of my gyno i dont give a ****....i would drink piss to get rid of gyno.

    And yeah i know its probably the letro thats working, but im not gonna stop taking the tumeric to find out..

  22. Quote Originally Posted by UnrealMachine View Post
    20 grams a day? I've never used tumeric but that sounds like a ****ton
    Quote Originally Posted by FatalFunnel View Post
    I dont see how Prime can cause gyno in any possible way.
    Well it gave my gyno, becasue it was the ONLY supplement i was taking, other than multi vit., when my gyno set it in......keep in mind this was 7 to 8 weeks after my first ph cycle

  23. delayed onset gyno, it happens

  24. yeah it ****ing sucks....this is my last try to get rid of it...i want to run a 10 week test cycle and just wanted to see if i could reduce or get rid of it before........oh well i guess ill be using armidex on cycle if it doesnt go away...

    anyway its day 11 and its still about the same, its better than before but no real progress lately. Ive read it can take 2 to 3 weeks before really seeing any letro results.... keeping my fingers crossed.
  25. dpfisher
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    I got gyno from prime and had never used anything hormonal.


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