painful injection's after starting clomid therapy

  1. painful injection's after starting clomid therapy

    I'm new to this world and have a few questions. all my life i have been 6ft 2in and 125lbs. after 2 cycles i'm maintining 170lbs. towards the end of my cycle i noticed a knot in my niplle. i started taking clomid as it was sugested, but within a week everything changed. injection became extremely painful, from the moment the needle touched my skind. it was almost as if i was pushin through 1inch of leather. because of the pain i ended my cycle early.

    i want to begin my 3rd cycle however i need to know if it was something i was taking or if this is normal because of the clomid. i was using 750mg a week test e and 600mg deca.. any help would be appreciated, because i'd love to get back on stay healthy and avoid the extreme pain caused last time

  2. Were you rotating injection sites?


  4. Quote Originally Posted by unc21 View Post
    Were you rotating injection sites?
    This, you build up scar tissue if you don't rotate.

    Where were you injecting?

  5. ^^^bingo, thats why i asked. Sounds like he wasnt....

  6. i thought it scar tissue may have been a cause so i tried hitting a cheek and it was just as bad. i have always used shoulers and thighs. i'm wondering if i got a bad batch of pins. now that i'm thining back the pins and clomid came at the same time. i've always gotten the pins from the same place could it be just a dull cut?

  7. were you using seperate pins to pull from the vial and injecting?

  8. 6' 2" 125 whoah.

  9. Nyoung807....thats exactly why i started taking. i ate like a horse but could never gain a pound and i was ick of loo i had jus out of a concentration camp. i'm not a big guy now and i still don't look like i've taken but i have a very even build now and my weight is healthy.

    i do use seperate pins to draw and inject. i've always ordered from a medical supply company so its not like i bought from tractor supply. if its going to be painful then i'll just endure but it seriously feels like pushing through 1in of leather with a ball point pen. i figure its close to 10-12 days between hitting a location for the second time


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