Cynostane after H-drol cycle - any advice?

  1. Cynostane after H-drol cycle - any advice?

    I've completed a 6 week H-drol cycle and have just completed wk 1 of PCT (3 to go). Am now starting to think about my next cycle - I want something mild that will give me good gains with minimum sides and one that doesn't require a 12 wk period incl. pre-loading cycle assist and pct.

    I've read cynostane can be run 2wks on, 2 wks off (not sure how pct fits into that though??) or just as a 4 week cycle with pct (how long?)

    Does anyone have any experience of going from h-drol to cynostane, were the gains comparable? And how long should I wait after completing PCT (4 wks or sooner)?


  2. though some people don't do this, i would probably wait a couple months between cycles, honestly. because everything shuts you down, the body takes time to get back to normal. but the cynostane, i have heard is very good as far as the sides to benefits ratio is concerned. it wouldn't be a bad idea to do that after h-drol, just wait a little while man. health is most important.

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