winni kickstart

  1. winni kickstart

    What could be expected if one kickstarted a Test e cycle with winni/test and finished up on dbol/ test?
    I know it's usually the other way around, but has anyone tried this?

  2. If it were constructed like this:
    Wk 1-4 test/winny
    Wk 5-7 test
    Wk 8-12 test/dbol
    Wk 13-16 pct

    The three wks off orals for your liver's sake.
    I think u would start out hard and chisled and end up puffy and bloated.

    I wouldn't run this cycle. Just my 2 cents.

  3. I agree. There was talk on another board about it and I just wanted some other views and was curious if anyone had actually tried it.

  4. I'm pretty sure the only way you'd find someone who ran that is if some dirt-dumb HS runningback got his tablets mixed up. There's not much reason to run that cycle intentionally.

  5. Just curious, what brought you to the idea of running them in opposite order of what you would normally see ?

  6. Someone posted it on another board and said it should be about the same as running dbol then winny (as far as gains and sides). I would prefer the more aromatizing (dbol) at the beginning (due to it's action on joints, strength gains, etc ) and winny closer to pct since it would help shed any remaining bloat and has a semi anti e effect itself.
    I think winny would be a waste at the beginning of a cycle (especially a long ester test)
    Thanks for letting me ramble.
    btw- if anyone has ran this I would still love to hear about it.

  7. Winny is usually underdosed in cycles and dianabol over dosed imo, it'd be interesting to see someone running light dbol at the end and see if the effects of that long-half-life 17a-estradiol are mitigated when using ~20mg at the end when the test is running full bore. I still feel it's more suited for the front of the cycle tho

  8. Could you run dbol mid cycle? Say a winny kickstart for 4 weeks, 4 weeks off orals, 4 weeks dbol, 4 weeks off + with test running full 16 weeks
    Not planning this, just curious

  9. If you did that I can't see much difference between when you run the orals...would mostly just repartition the gains to later in the cycle. Hard to say for sure. Most people are pretty much at max anabolism around week 8-12 anyway.

  10. What about the mitigating factors you mentioned? Are you suggesting it might make pct easier? I always thought it would make pct harder if dbol was taken towards the end.
    Maybe not. I'm not arguing, just want to understand. I've studied a fair amount on anabolics, but can't find any research on this

  11. There wouldnt be genuine research, just conjecture/word-of-mouth type of stuff. Winny can harden you up more at the end, but in the middle of a cycle you wouldn't see much of anything in terms of that by week 16 so id imagine the end result being very similar. And yes, I agree dbol at the end can really mess with your pct at the beginning of it because of the 17aa-estradiol.

    But once again, weeks 8-12 would be the strongest weeks anyway, so i would see no need for dbol there. Conversely a cycle with dbol 1-4, winny 12-16 would be ideal, with a quick start, heftly orals break, and hardening/strengthening of winny at the end helping to cement gains, but with no estrogenic sides.

    THAT cycle is the one I'd like.

    The problem with theiorizing about hypothetical cycles is it's just that-hypothetical. Still, the topic is interesting. Thanks for bringing it up

  12. Thanks for all of the input. I always hope to learn more and have less questions, but it always seems like I learn more and have more questions. Haha
    Thanks again!

  13. i mean i don't really understand the question?

    ur just running a cycle backwards that's all. most people wouldn't because it doesn't really make sense, it's like driving your car to work in reverse... sure you can do it, but what's the point?

    the biggest problem i see is ur gonna be VERY estrogenic towards the end of the cycle, the test will be built up at a high level, adding Dbol will increase this tremendously, resulting in an explosive moonface and saggy breasts.

    meanwhile you will likely be stiff and creaky in the joints from the inflammatory effect of the winstrol for the duration of the cycle, and will be making huge strength gains and stressing those joints tremendously towards the end.

    there aren't really any benefits to running it this way, and it just doesn't make any sense. why even ask?

  14. Why even answer? If it's just to be a jerk or show how smart you think you are.
    I asked to make sure I understand these substances and because it was posed on another board. I asked because I was curious. Do I need more reason to ask a question on an open forum? No.
    There are no concrete instructions just trial and error and learning from others.
    I did find someone on the other board that (claims to have) ran winny and dbol in various combinations, and confirms my thinking on this (which is the same as yours).
    Thanks for the input.

  15. my bad on the PMS.


  16. Quote Originally Posted by onzero View Post
    my bad on the PMS.

    Sounds like you could enjoy a nice bowl of Kashi right now.

  17. No worries.


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