Anyone avoid taking ibuprofen while on a methyl

  1. Anyone avoid taking ibuprofen while on a methyl

    I usually take 600 mg before a workoout due to an old shoulder injury but don't while I'm on a M1T cycle. Am I being overconcerned about liver taxation issues.

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  3. 600mg isn't a good idea. IMHO, of course

  4. I avoid ibuprofen & tylenol on methyls unless pain is really bad. I think you can get away with it in moderation, but 600mg of ibuprofen on a methyl is like downing a glass of vodka.

    Maybe find a topical pain reliever & avoid liver stress.

  5. Thanks. I'll stay off like I have been doing and just lather on the biofreeze.

  6. Perhaps check out M4OHN, Sledge said his shoulder felt great while using it.
  7. jde777
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    Forget the liver, Ibuprofen destroys muscle!

    Dude, I have been through a seperated shoulder so I know your pain, BUT you ARE destroying your shoulder even more as well as all of your muscle! See, Ibuprofen stops ALL prostaglandins from working:
    Yes, it does stop or partially block the pain causing ones, BUT it also stops the good ones that heal you up! So, even though you feel no pain you ARE not healing at all! In fact, your connective tissue is being destroyed! I am too lazy to go searching now but in a past issue of MD they proved this. If I can remember the article studied Ibuprofen's effect on protein synthesis and they proved that at a total daily dosage of 2400mg, protein synthesis was dramatically reduced if not stopped for about 24 hours! So STOP taking that **** man, it's totally counter productive! I went through 2 years of rehab and lifting without any otc painkillers nor prescripions and now I am fine! Try pineapple bromelain in capsule form on an empty stomach 4 times per day. Make sure you get at least 2000 GDU's (active measurement) per day. IT WILL HELP! peace people. jde777

  8. seriously guys, think about it. pain killers do nothing but block the pain. you are in pain because your body is telling you something is wrong. now, by blocking the pain with a pain killer, it will do nothing, but increase your chances of re-injuring yourself when you lift again. you need to treat the cause and concentrate on healing rather than just trying to mask important symptoms that your body is telling you. pain is a secondary concern.

  9. A pharmacist told me that ibuprofen is not processed through the liver -- unlike acetamenaphin (tylenol). So, i don't see the problem...Maybe she was wrong, though.


  10. 600 mg is fine... doc prescribed me 800 mg tabs...
  11. jde777
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    Basic medical practicioners know NOTHING about muscle growth, tendons and the things that negatively effect their growth! They don't care.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by random
    A pharmacist told me that ibuprofen is not processed through the liver -- unlike acetamenaphin (tylenol). So, i don't see the problem...Maybe she was wrong, though.

    Ditto. Aceteminophen is processed through the liver much moreso than ibuprofen.

    BTW, did you say Biofreeze BEFORE the workout? The object of pre-workout treatment should be to warm up the area, to increase the bloodflow, etc. Biofreeze would be more beneficial as an analgesic post workout than prior to it.

  13. what is the recommended OTC pain reliever to use on a methyl cycle?

  14. in general, i think NSAIDs are very problematic for wl'ers.

    frankly, imo, the best pain reliever for wl'ing (and i am serious here) are opiates.

    no negative impact on muscle growth, formation, etc.

    however, they do affect coordination, so that is a problem. and they are extremely addictive.

    and they are (generally) controlled substances. not always, though. for example, codeine is OTC in canada.

    but in terms of negative effects, i would steer clear of NSAIDS if you can at all avoid it


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