Is this normal?

  1. Is this normal?

    I started my first cycle of Tren on May 1st. Injecting 86mg ED. I haven't experienced any sides but I first started getting a really good pump yesterday.

    The thing that I have a question about is that I have gained 10lbs in this 5 day period already. Is that normal? I haven't seen any side effects or anything. BP is normal. I have a little bloat going on but nothing other than that. I have also been taking in more calories than usual. For some reason I have been hungry 24/7 these past few days.

    Thanks for any insight.

  2. I asume its not just fina right? prob some test too. If that is the case then you just gaining some water. not a problem. run ldex at .25mg ed with10mg of nolvadex would help you get rid of it if you wanted to.

  3. That is a high dosage if this is your first time using tren.

  4. I'm sure that it's mostly water. Because now that I look at myself, there is a lot of bloat.

  5. Are you running any tren alone?

  6. Bloat from tren???

  7. Tren and 4ad.

  8. 4AD is definitely good for lots of bloat.

  9. 4ad will give ya bloat..just curious what injection sites you using for your ed injections...

  10. Injection sites are rotated as follows....

    right quad
    right glute
    right delt
    left delt
    left glute
    left quad

    .....then i start all over again.


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