Anyone getting backpumps from M-dien?

  1. Anyone getting backpumps from M-dien?

    is this normal to get back pumps all day long while on M-dien? I am on 4mg/day, on day 10 and my lower back has been pumped to the max the last few days. Almost as bad as when I was on M1T

  2. Not me, but I've been using Taurine the whole time.

  3. Same here, 10+ grams taurine per day, but then again I've been doing that anyways.

    SS, how is 10mg MD treating you?

  4. yeah wondering that as well... i'm on 8, but if i run 8 the whole rest of the time what I have leftover isn't going to be worth much. if theres no sides w/ 10 i might as well run that.. wonder what anyone thinks about that?

  5. Im on day 8 3mgs. My lower back does get alittle sore when running. What is really bad is my joints they are killing me.

  6. I have noticed a little soreness in my joints as well

  7. that's strange, you get back pumps and i get a pumped up belly from M-dien.


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