flavoring for research chems

  1. flavoring for research chems

    what do the companies use to flavor their products? anyone shed some light on this? I hear nolva taste's like ass w/o the flavoring..

    peg doesn't taste too bad to me.. just curious. or is this some kind of highly guarded trade secret?

  2. You can buy the flavor at Le Melange. I don't bother with it. It's not like you're drinking 6oz at a time or anything.

  3. ya frankly it's so little you gotta take in .. it doesn't bother me that much.. it's no worse than taking a shot of liquor i'd say.. cept for a lil medicine aftertaste =P

  4. its not much worse than taking nasty cough syurp. its grose, but better than getting gyno.

  5. I've been told that throwing in some kool aid powder into the solution works well. All of mine have been preflavored, so I haven't tried it yet.

  6. put O.J. in your mouth then squirt it in.. no taste.


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