don't use finasteride or spiro around pregnant women

  1. don't use finasteride or spiro around pregnant women

    just a friendly warning:

    Never handle crushed pills. You might come in contact with a pregnant woman later in your day. Hell she might not know she's pregnant.

    Be careful with spiro too!! Never use around women, because they might be pregnant and not even know it

    serious birth defects WILL result if contact is made and if the fetus is male

  2. what he said ......

  3. Really? Didn't know that.Thanks.

  4. wow you didn't?

    damn, good thing I posted this.

  5. Yeah. I don't need stride, I have good genes I guess. But I do have a bottle at home that was given to me for free and I have never even opened it. I will get rid of it since my wife is just prgo. Thanks again.

  6. BTW, finasteride is a danger to any pre-adult male, although I don't think you should worry about this as much. Puberty makes plenty of DHT lol

  7. Don't handle most substances around pregnant women.

  8. I'd think spiro is the bigger danger. It blocks progesterone receptors, just like RU486. For those who didn't know, that's the abortion pill ...

  9. right, progesterone is necessary for the maintenance of the endometrium post-ovulation and pregnancy.

    but whats this about finasteride blocking progesterone receptors? I didn't know this. I was more worried about the documented genitalia defects.


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