So i'm trying to get back to stage before i used my first ph supplement to make a long story short.. but i took sd/tren back in mid dec to mid jan, ****ed up the first pct but got on clomid/pp trs by mid feb to mid march. got my test. checked and it was up so i am not shut down. problem is, i am thinking that my estro is high now, have many symptoms of this happening (itchy nips, bloating, etc...) and this estro is causing my test not to come completely back, so heres the plan;

-Was going to use an AI to get the estro down (either CEL topical formestane or PP Formestane-LV [anybody have good experiences with either of these two?]) Was going to use it as long as it says on the bottle or until symptoms reduce, probably around a month.

-While on the AI i am going to get on a natty test booster as well for a month. Anybody know which product would work the best from these 3, PP Phyto-Testosterone Caps, PP Testosterone Conversion Factor-1 or Stoked as a natty test booster so i can get the test. back up while the estro goes down??

-Finally after a month of these two i was going to go on some extra clomid i have at 75/50/50/25 or 75/50/25/25... I wanted to know if it was alright to go on a AI for however long then once it has been a month since i started the AI (not saying i am using the AI for that long) go on the SERM (clomid) to reboot everything.

-Will also get some milk thistle for liver support.

Thanks in advance for everything.