Some people just shouldnt do them

  1. Some people just shouldnt do them

    Warning, This true story will make you want to puke

    This guy ( late 30's) at my gym cycled d-bol only 70 mg a day for 8 weeks....his post cycle was after 3 weeks ( is i should say) dbol at 50 mg and 250 mg of test each week. He will get off mid june and he is going to post cycle in july with.... 50 mg of dbol and 250 mg of test e each week....

    I told him that he was insane for doing this and i told him that i would plug him a PCT. He expressed interest and i brought the Clo after the D-Bol only cycle and was too late he was already on again.

    Some people!!!

  2. I was listening to a couple of new starters at the gym I go to a while back. Never trained before, about that age, just working on random machines (back, press, curls, press, curls...) and they were discussing getting some Dbol. I don't think anyone there uses any PCT, at least I haven't heard it mentioned, people just seem to stay on!

    I'll be watching them with interest!

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