MY M4OHN Situation...

  1. MY M4OHN Situation...

    Just an FYI for all.... I Recieved my gram of m4ohn today and went to work mixing it into my PEG 400. Becuase i am an impaitent bastard, i just eye balled half a gram and poured into 100mls of PEG, dumped the rest of the g in the another 100mls of PEG.

    The first "eye balled" half a gram ened up being a little under compared to vial #2. I'm thinking anywhere from 3.5-4mg/ml. Anyways, shook the hell out of it and already it looked like it was setteling in nice with the peg. Baked it for 20 minutes at 225, took it out, shook the hell outta it again and woola... 4 hours later it looks good as ever. Hardly any particals floating in there. A tint of a yellow collor.

    Okay, NOW, Vial #2 which ened up having a little more powder the #1, i'm guessing 6-6.5mg/ml. Well after doing the EXACT same steps as vial #1, it still has rather large particals floating at the top and around the bottom. Did it one more time with no luck!! What gives!!?? I'm going to add 20-30 more mls of PEG and do the "shake and bake" with it again tomorrow. See if that works.

    All in all really excited to get going... I'm alittle stupid by not measuring out more precise doeses, but hell, thats how i've always been! Anyone have any input if it was just luck that the first vial settled so nice and vial 2 looks like ****? Or does 1.5-2mg/ml make tha big of a difference??

    Well thought i'd share that with you all....

  2. why not mix the two, try to get that to dissolve and then put em back in the bottles

  3. Good idea... ITs just vial 1 looks so nice and pretty! Nah, for real that might be an idea if adding more peg doesnt do the trick.

  4. That is what i would do, but to let you know, the 1.5mg-2mg could be a big difference. i couldnt keep 7.5, 6 or 5.5mgs stable in the oil, but i did with 5.

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