less is more?

  1. less is more?

    this isn't a specific question about ph's, but stay with me here.

    has anyone heard the expression "less is more"? meaning get to the gym, do your compounds and maybe a few other exercises, and dont over train. i dont spend a crazy amount of time in the gym, and my results have fine so far.

    now the question is....when on a PH does the "less is more" rule apply? im on my second week of h-drol now, and i was wondering if i should just go all out or just worry about my compounds and a few other exercises.

    tell me what you guys think!



  2. in a sense ya, just like less is more with supplements. everything has diminishing returns and everything you add on either gives you side effects or tears you down too much. i found a good way to gauge how much to work is to closely observe yourself. you start flat, get pumped up and if you lift hard enough you will see yourself deflate a bit because your glycogen has been depleted. just as you carb up to look your biggest you will lose that fullness as you deplete it. it has worked well for me and you will start to get a feel for what you can handle. However to quote jay cutler "you cant overtrain if you eat enough"

  3. alright then, thanks for the opinion. anyone else?

  4. I just tested this on cycle, switching my routine to a 2 on 1 off...upper/lower/off and repeat....based on a hypertrophy specific training routine...though lifted heavy and too many sets....resulted in over training... though it felt great and I was always pumped...beginning of the 4th week I pulled a trap/lower neck muscle...

    IMO it's knowing your body and heading experienced advice...which I disregarded as not enough sets because I felt I had more in me and it felt good at the time...doh

    I've also done some reading , after injury, that pain sensation is decreased on cycle leading your normal feedback to be inaccurate...doh again....
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