m4ohn + 4oht and 1test

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    I ran the t1 (2.5g 1 test, 2.5g of 4AD) for my first cycle, stacked with some 1,4 diol orally. It worked fine for me with 4 squirts a day. I think your stack would actually work much better with doubling the 1Test. I like 1Test , I don't get lathargy from it and I do get decent lean gains. Post your progress because I am wanting to give the mohn a go, hopefully I can get some from designersupps when its back on the site.
    So you're saying to just get 2.5g 1-test and 2.5g 4-hydroxy testosterone and leave it at that (in addition to the m4ohn of course)? What's the logic behind that (not questioning your knowledge, just want to gain some myself?

  2. The tabs will be 4mgs tabs (should have a score down the middle), 90 tabs per bottle and the price will be very good, Ill release exact pricing info when they are one week out, so hopefully next week.

  3. Would you guys recommend taking ECA along with the m4ohn and transdermal or should I lay off it for the 4-6 weeks I'm "on"?

  4. well i've been on the m4ohn and tgel for about 3 weeks now...almost out of the tgel...would it be ok when i run out of tgel to stay on the m4ohn for 2 more weeks alone or should i not do this? so far the gains have been a lil slower than expecting but i think i will notice more in the final week...will do an update when all is finished

  5. Should be no problem keeping up the M4OHN. When you update, include things like how your diet has been, whether you've been trying to cut, how your bodyfat has changed, whether you did cardio, etc. etc.



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