Using Clomid as a Cycle?

  1. Using Clomid as a Cycle?

    Has anyone ever tried to use Clomid as a cycle and not as a PCT? What do you think the results would be? Thanks

  2. doesnt work that way , im guessing ur saying using it as a testbooster of sorts?

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    doesnt work that way , im guessing ur saying using it as a testbooster of sorts?

  4. i hope this is a april fools joke but i will bit. there is a good artical in md mag may 2010. about males useing clomid how it workes and side effects of it. for a pct and as a help with sperm count.for a cycle your not going to get anything from it except more sperm

  5. its not going to raise test high enough to be considered a cycle in the anabolics section. It is nice to keep your test high but i use a low dose AI for that. Clomid makes me b!tchy.

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    Calm down Timmy, B4 I get Anabolic on your ASS!

    I was just asking cuz most of these natural test booster compounds are bull**** and I bet you would get better results off of 30 days of clomid then you would off of 3 months of whatever natty test booster is out there!

  7. Well clomid blocks the estrogen receptor. An AI like ATD blocks the enzyme that attaches to test and creates estrogen. So your test would actually be higher with an AI due to no conversion. But you get dry and a number of other problems can arise from too little estrogen.

  8. ive read of people gaining 20 pounds on 25mg/day over 6-8 months of clomid as well as reports of energy/libido boosts. if your test is 300 and clomid takes it to 800 i dont see how that could NOT help build muscle.

  9. Exactly!!
    There are probably better choices but I was just wondering.
    I did a restart with some clomid and I felt like I was on Cycle and I only used it for 10 days! It had me pumped!


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