4-ad cyp and 4-ad prop(liquid)

  1. 4-ad cyp and 4-ad prop(liquid)

    Where can I get these? I used to get them from designer supplements but he doesn't carry these anymore

  2. I was wondering something similar to that i want the 1-test cyp in high mg/ml
    Bump if anyone knows

  3. no where, no else has ever had 4 ad prop, I was the first and only. Sorry guys.

  4. why did you stop carrying these?

  5. I ran out o fthe 4 ad cyp and 1 test cyp powder hopefully temporarily. I plan on doing one more small run sometime late next week. I stopped carrying them in hopes of doing some 4 oht deca, but I havent got my sample tested yet.

    Also as much as I like them most people until about 3 weeks ago didnt really buy them, I have had the powder just sitting around, which is why i didnt order more. then all of sudden everyone woke up and starting to see that is the best way to do stacks with methyls.

  6. always amazed me that more people didn't go for the powders. powders rule. none of the hepatotoxicity issues, and it is easy and incredibly cheap to make injectables from. people should have stocked up.

  7. yeah.. this whole ban thing sucks.. but in the meantime checked out this site for more pin'ing gear.


  8. Yeah, nice prices lol.

  9. his prices are a joke, and anybody that buys from him is saying "rip me off, please"

  10. stock on the powders.... BRILLIANT!
    who carries them currently, all I know is 1fast and kilo(?)

  11. Bump, any word on that pinning gear yet sledge?

  12. should be this week. ill let you all know as soon as i have them in.

  13. Great, I'm planning by budget around it. j/k well sorta


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