NEED HELP! Adding to HRT

  1. NEED HELP! Adding to HRT

    Need to know if this is a good or bad idea. I'm on HRT through doctor getting 300mg cyp. of test every other week. My test level is 800. I have bad joint pain and thinking of every other week doing 250mg of test enth. and 100mg of deca. My next blood work is not till December 2010. When I first started HRT my doctor had me at 1360 test level and I felt great.When he saw my blood work he freked and lowered me back down I have not been feeling as well. I was hoping by doing this extra I would get rid of joint pain and also feel better. What do you think?????

  2. Does anyone have any help with this? Should I move this to the HRT section. Any help would be great!! Thanks

  3. deca @ 100mg everyother week will be a complete waste. minimum for joint "lubrication" is about 200mg/week

  4. Should I just take the Deca out of the mix then??

  5. Quote Originally Posted by hatt957 View Post
    Should I just take the Deca out of the mix then??
    if u cant run 200mg/week, then yes

  6. My reason for all the questions is I know a group of older bodybuilders that are doing 1cc of test 250mg a week and also deca 200mg a week and never come off. They state they have been doing this for years and said this is a very moderate dosage(with minimal side affects) I figure with the HRT (and my doctor said I will need for life due to how low my level was from the start. That adding a little more would run me just alittle over the legal level and also 1. help me feel better, 2. get rid of joint problems, 3. help put on a little more size.

  7. There are many other supplements for joint pain available.

    Describe the pain? Many people here (including myself) might have suggestions that could do the job without making you go to a hormonal route that could cause side effects (notably your mental state, since you're already unsure or you wouldn't have even come here to ask ).

    I'm assuming you're already on or have tried glucosamine, chondroiton(sp?), msm, hylauronic acid, collagen... etc. Some things people don't even think of trying are; Arnica Montana(homeopathic), and enzymes. (Bromelain for example, search: Wobenzyme).

    Hope this helps a little.


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