orbalin & centrum vitamins combination

  1. orbalin & centrum vitamins combination

    Hello all,
    Iam 25 years old , 5ft-7inches height, 56kg weight, have gone through medical test ( no illness that might cause weight lose is found).
    I want to gain weight and most important want to gain weight on my face which has a look of a balloon without air, bones coming out of it. i have never done any smoking , sexual activties no drugs nothing... simple routine life .
    Now one doctor has suggested me to use orabolin tablets two times in a day after lunch and breakfast , also he has recommened centrum vitamins and told me to take a tablet when at night before sleep.

    Now i have not started taking this as i was searching on the net i found the review of orbalin on this site which reflected that its not effective.. now what should i use instead of this combination...
    don;t worry i will consult my doctor first before taking your advice but please give me some suggestion how i can gain weight on my face and body and one more thing iam not doing any body building or workout stuff..and i need to gain weight fast...


  2. Eat lots of food

    If you are actually suggesting that you:
    1. Are not going to do any training whatsoever
    2. Want fast weight gains and are willing to take steroids to do so
    3. Apparently have not researched other alternatives to gaining natural weight

    ...you do not belong here. Please check your diet and consult further with your doctor, who you may want to IMHO replace. This forum is designed for people interested in the responsible use of anabolics paired with a proper resistance training program and diet. You are certainly not demonstrating this.

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