1. prohormones

    I'm wondering if there are any good prohormone or test booster left on the market since they made that ban on ph like androbol. I took finished a cycle of androbol about 3 months ago and finished post cycle for that a month and a half ago, using novedex. I'm looking for 20 pounds or so for my lacrosse season, which is about what I gained from the androbol. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I'm hearing many mixed thoughts about methyl 1-d and the 4-ad right now. I was thinking possibly m-drol from supplement warehouse? would novedex be strong enough for a pct or would i have to find some nolva?

    I've been reading on the forums for a few days so I know a little bit of what I'm doin, but i need some1 to kinda point me into a direction. Thanks.

  2. Strong post...

  3. You are still pretty young to be dealing with such strong ph's most of us say to stay away from them till late 20's your test levels are still pretty high, but if you are going to use them regarless i have a lot of gains with mdrol i ordered some superdrol lv and going to try it suppose to be the stuff. I always use a serm with all superdrols

  4. Methyl 1-d and 4-ad didn't do much for me size wise. Can't comment on mdrol.

  5. This will be my last cycle, I just need to catch up with the game, college kids are alot bigger than high school. mdrol with arom-x utt and 1-androsterone with a novedex pct? I havent figured out what to take for taurine yet but im looking to take in 4-5 grams of that per day. Or should I take novedex with arom-x as my pct?

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