Bill L. on Methyldienolone Structure

  1. Bill L. on Methyldienolone Structure

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    Some interesting information I thought I’d pass along, since I understand there has been a lot of controversy over methyldienolone as of late. The compound being sold by one of the main suppliers in China, and sold in the U.S. as methyldienolone, is structurally not actually methyldienolone (17a-methyl-estra-4,9-dien-3-one,17b-ol). It is a variant of that compound, which would more correctly be named dimethyldiendiol (3,17a-dimethyl-estra-4,9-dien-3,17b-diol). This is a diol form of methyldienolone, with a second methyl group at the 3 position. Anyone testing these materials would want to compare their results to this compound.

    This is a considerable difference from MD. For one, it doesn’t possess a 3-one group, which is what I would expect to see of an extremely potent steroid. Furthermore, the 3-methyl group should protect the 3-hydroxyl group from metabolism, so that conversion to actual methyldienolone in the body would not be possible. That doesn’t mean it will do nothing, as diols usually have intrinsic activity. But they also tend to be significantly weaker than their 3-one counterparts.

    I am not making any sweeping claims about every methyldienolone-containing product on the market. Just passing along what I was openly informed about from the main manufacturing source for this material right now.

    But since the supplier is not trying to hide it, it raises the obvious question…

  2. very interesting/depressing.. hope this isn't true.. well atleast with sledges stuff..

  3. Not with my stuff, it was tested twice and both times it was correct the structure. This is why the kg that I returned had 4 different molecular weights, maybe one of which was the Diol version.

    That is why it was returned. That tabs will be sent out this week and everyone who bought any, are the only people who are getting REAL MD tabs.

  4. I got your beta liquid...I'm assuming the same still applies for those?

  5. Same deal, the liquid betas, all had powder that tested correctly at 97% or better with teh structure being correct. The new kg which was used for the tabs is of the same quality.

  6. I figured Sledge's batch was ok or the Bill would have said that ALL suppliers were providing suspect material. I can't wait to hear feedback - it already looks like some people's bottles have shipped.

  7. Muahaha! Love it when a deal works out.

    Thanks Sledge!

  8. Thanks Ghost and Sledge

  9. I wonder if bruce is sending me a birthday present

  10. Where is the love in the PH industry? lol

  11. Those guys bicker like little children. They are all in it to make more money than the next guy.


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