M4OHN dose?

  1. M4OHN dose?

    Okay guys, got it all ordred and on its way. Decided to go with the 5aa and M4OHN for cutting along with my AS.

    What dose are most finding is working the best? Sledge??

    Thinking like this... M5AA 60mg ED - M4OHN 10mg ED. 4 weeks.

    Look good?? Lower or higher the M4OHN??

  2. Bump! Come on guys... anyone...

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Juicemonkey101
    Bump! Come on guys... anyone...
    I am thinking in the 7 to 10 range.

    I am going to be using it at 5 per day but Im going to be running it with methly-d at 3 ml.

  4. Thanks for the input flexster. I'll start at around 7 and go from there. Any other inputs would be great.

  5. I was at 5 a day, I only weigh 195-205 so it was plenty for me.



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