effects of sust on the body?

  1. Cool effects of sust on the body?

    ive never really had much hair on my body, especially my face.

    i can grow a moustashe and have full sideburns but i dont have a thick beard. ive got one of those poofy ones that like to stay under the chin and jawline area

    i was wondering if i was to take sust can it possibaly give me a better beard? just interested really.

  2. sust is test.. so go look up the effects of test on the body

  3. in the articles i read its got all the usual sides such as acne, bitch tits problems with your down belows etc etc....

    it says in females it can promote growth of hair, but would it do the same in males.

  4. yes those are all sides of using test. And yes it would promote facial hair growth in males.

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