storing ph powders and gel

  1. storing ph powders and gel

    I'm thinkng of buying some topical gel, 19nor and 4ad powder from blackstar. If I don't mix them together, how long can I keep them before they start to loose their "magic"

    I read a good thread on this board about adding O2 and H2O absorbers to help keep the powders fresh. Would this be the best way to store them??
    I wouldn't plan on using them until late summer, or during the winter. Want to pack on some more naturally first.

    and one more thing, will powders make it ok into Canada ???

  2. The topical would prob be best stored in a dark, cool place. The powders will do well as outlined in the post you mentioned.

  3. for how long do you think I can store them for??? would putting the powders it a fridge as well be a good idea??

  4. I'm not sure as to the storage life of various powders. PA made a comment once on it being a few years (I As for the fridge, some people do it. I don't because I like using desicator jars. Most reactions occur in regards to transfer of heat. I'm thinking that when you place a powder in the fridge it will try to reach an equilibrium. This can cause condensate to form in the package and form unequal moisture. Just search the forum and read up on all the different opinions.

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