What would stack well with M-dien?

  1. What would stack well with M-dien?


  2. A short stack of low carb buttermilk pancakes with low fat butter (not too much!) and sugar free syrup. I'm sorry, you said stack and it reminded me of pancakes. Although you could take the M-Dien and the eat the pancakes afterwards!!

  3. pancakes would be nice i havent had carbs in a while

  4. you could try M5AA that's something that hasn't really been tried.. I will be doing that come time for my M-Dien during my cycle.

  5. what about 4ad ? I'm more intrested in improving results.. as i understand things M5AA is just a Pre-workout rush type thing

  6. I love pancakes! Althought very evil in it's true fatcarbaful form, it is one of my favorite foods.

    Yo Propho. You taking M5AA for pre workout only? I tried it for preworkout at 30mg and got nothing from it. I took it about an hour before workouts. I felt nada.

  7. Its not recommended to stack m-dien with anything. Definitely not anything that aromatizes.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Longdog
    Its not recommended to stack m-dien with anything. Definitely not anything that aromatizes.
    Sledge made that recomendation because of the possibility of progesterone related gyno. I was reading Supersoldiers M-Dien log and his blood work doesn't show any significant increase in progesterone. He is stacking it with Sledge's Pro Sust. His Estadiol levels are up but that is probably from the Pro-Sust. I would say that if progesterone levels continue to stay low that M-dien would be safe to stack with ph's that can aromatize.
    Of course anyone doing this needs to make sure they have plenty of nolva on hand. I am thinking about adding it into the last 4 weeks of my current 1-Test Cyp, TNE trans cycle at about 7 mg ED.


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