Liquid Var Dosing?

  1. Liquid Var Dosing?

    Hoping to do a cycle of liquid var at 50 mg/ED for 6wks, I'll only have a dropper btw. It's listed at 25mg/ml...I've never used liquid orals, I understand that you just basically drop in into your mouth and swallow it. Now, I'm no mathematical genius, but does that basically mean that I'll be consuming 2 mls of liquid var per day since its 25mg/ml? And would that require a split dosing? Just trying to make sure I've got all this right.


    Clomid at 50mg for 3wks/ED

  2. unless the dropper has measurements on it, id use a syringe without the needle.

    but yes, 2ml = 50mg anavar

    take the full dose 1-2 hours pre workout

  3. youre a good man

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