Help needed... how to stack these 3 compounds

  1. Help needed... how to stack these 3 compounds

    Hi ,

    I got a bottle of tren xtreme... superdrol.. and clomadrol ( furazadrol )

    how do i stack them? i was thinking of

    week 1-4 : 30mg superdrol
    week 4-8 : 120mg tren , 120mg clomadrol
    week 8-12 : 100mg clomid , 20mg nolva...

    but im afraid of the rebound or crash caused by the superdrol..

    should i run superdrol only for the last 4 weeks and run tren and clomadrol first?

    whats ur opinion? thanks

  2. What is your ph background because this cycle your talking of is not f**king around. I strongly suggest running the SD 20/20/20/20 but if you insist on 30, only your last week.

  3. He obviously has never run super before judging how afraid of the shut down he is. I defn wouldn't run it at 20/20/20/20 or his insane idea of 30/30/30/30. That's just plain retarded.

    What are your age, stats and AAS/PH experience?

  4. im 24... 5 foot 5... 180 pounds...14% BF not new to AAS...

    my previous cycle were : test e + deca + dbol and test P + winny + var ...

    the only PH i ran in the past were M1T and they wasnt a pleasant experienced i never ran anything else ever since and have 2 AAS cycle under my belt..

    the reason i cant use anymore AAS is because i am undergoing a training overseas , im not frm the US btw... and i dont have access to any AAS then... so my only choice is to stack on PHs...

    i got my hands on Superdrol , clomadrol and tren... and of course clomid and nolva

  5. and yea training experience of 4 years naturally and 2 years with AAS

  6. should i run

    week 1-4 : clomadrol + tren
    week 3-6 : superdrol


    week 1-4 : superdrol
    week 3-6 : clomadrol + tren


    week 1-6 : superdrol + tren
    week 3-6 : clomadrol

    will also be taking 600mg of B6 per day to lower down progesterone.. if it fails dostinex will be on hand...

    PCT will be :

    day 1 : 300mg clomid + 40mg nolva + nutrex vitrix
    week 1-2 : 100mg clomid + 40mg nolva + nutrex vitrix
    week 3-4 : 50mg clomid + 20mg nolva + nutrex vitrix
    week 5 : 50mg clomid + nutrex vitrix

  7. I take it you have never run super before then? The shut down depends on the person really. If you have SERMs on hand you should be fine. Run your super at 10/20/20. Depending on how you feel you can run it the 4th week at 20mg. I would not bump it up to 30. I typically have to run the furazadrol (clomadrol) at 200mg every day.

  8. What kinda tren we talking here? AAS tren or PH tren?

  9. What kind of training are you doing? These PHs may or may not be compatible with whatever your going to be doing. I could barely run on SD cause the back and shin pumps were so bad.

    Anyway, I would split up your stash into two separate cycles.

    Cycle 1 (Bulk):
    SD - 10/20/20 (normal), 20/20/20 (moderate), 10/20/30 (more aggressive)

    ...or if you wanna run it for 4 weeks...

    10/10/20/20 (normal), 10/20/20/20 (moderate), 10/20/20/30 (more aggressive)

    Cycle 2 (Cut):
    Tren - 60/90/90/90/120/120
    Furaz - I don't know but I know you gotta run it fairly high for decent results but stacked w/ Tren maybe not.

    Your PCT looks good. Superdrol and Tren will shut you down hard.

  10. if i were to run tren xtreme ( pro-dienolone ) and superdrol together

    should i run tren towards the end of cycle or beginning of cycle before Sdrol

  11. 30 the whole time? yikes! i would feel like sh!t. And this isnt a just sd cycle either....

    Well buddy have you ever heard of the saying more is not always better?

  12. Take out the furaz.

  13. What is ur goal?

  14. ok i think i will reduce the sdrol to 20mg for 4 weeks...

    and how am i going to run the tren? i am planning to put the tren on week 3-6 ... is that a good idea?

    i am planning to run about 6 weeks cycle... i think its better to continue the gains within 6 weeks than using 2 hard compounds in 4 weeks...

    my goal is to gain about 10lbs of lean mass while maintaining my BF percentage

  15. Is this your first PH cycle?

  16. this is not a beginners cycle. if you miss a few doses of clomid (which you will need for this), problems will arise. if you miss a dose of nolva or clomid in PCT from epi or havoc, or furaz, for example you'll still be OK. absolutely do not do this cycle without a SERM on hand, and do not make it your first cycle.

    additionally, you need a lot of support supplements for a tren/mdrol cycle, and missing a dose of your support supps can be equally bad. again, start with something mild that will allow you to make a couple mistakes while still giving you decent gains.

  17. yes my first PH cycle... but i have done anabolic steroids cycles in the past... not PHs though..

    SERMS are already on hand i have both clomid and nolva...

  18. run the super at 10/20/20 and if you are feeling ok run it the 4th week at 20.

  19. the problem with stacking is that if you get a side effect, you won't know which dose of what compound is causing the issue. tren/sd is an insane stack in and of itself, but again, if you start getting side effects (jaundice caused by drinking on the SD or double dosing the SD, high blood pressure from the tren, single digit good cholesterol values from the SD, minor hair loss, back pumps, gyno, etc) you won't know which dose needs to be adjusted. in my opinion i would stick with the SD for now, since there's enough in the bottle for 2 cycles, and run it 10/20/20, and save the rest of the sd to run with tren at a later date. that way you will know what to expect from the SD, so you will get an idea of what would cause any issues that you may have on that cycle.

  20. I agree with Suncloud. Although you are experienced with gear in the past, you are not experienced with SD. It is it's own animal altogether. Just run SD solo first, you just may hit your goal with SD alone.

    But if you really have your heart set on stacking SD+Tren, you will probably do so regardless of our advice...just as you stacked multiple compounds for your first inject cycles. Since you wanna do a 6 week run and you shouldn't run SD for more than 3 or 4 weeks...

    Tren - 60/90/90/60/0/0
    SD - 0/0/0/10/20/20

  21. okay will run the SD first... the next cycle in 3 months time will be tren / clomadrol..

    anyway do you guys take SD on empty stomach or with fats?

  22. I prefer to take it with Olive oil for the fats


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