First Cycle, Some guidance

  1. First Cycle, Some guidance

    Hi guys,

    After doing major research and still being confused, im guessing most of the time its up to each individual and how they respond to certain gear.

    Initially thought i was going to be 'safe' and have a deca/win cycle but results on google show that about 90% of the threads say its going to be a bad result.

    So ive decided to pretty much go down the route of playing it safe, not stacking for my first cycle and seeing the results and going from there.

    Im an Australian so any aussies please give your input.

    Im looking for the following results:
    - Good lean gains
    - Minimal water retention
    - Minimal loss of gains after cycle
    - Minimal damage to my body
    - Minimal amount of pinning

    Im planning on the following.

    Test-E 8-10 weeks 250mg 2 times a week probably Monday & Wed
    Nolvadex PCT 4 weeks starting after the last pin

    How does this sound ?

    I have a couple of questions that i have not really been able to find questions answered.

    1. Is there any natural stuff i can take during or post cycle to enhance my gains or keep my gains
    2. Will i look bloated on TestE or will it be lean gains
    3. What gauge needles do i get when i go to the chemist
    4. Im planning on glute pinning alternating sides and maybe the delts alternating is this ok with this substance
    5. Is 8 weeks sufficient or should 10 weeks be something im aiming at

    I may have other questions along the way but well see how this goes first.

    Thanks a lot guys great forum.


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