What NOT to do while on M1T

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  1. I get hella cramps on 10mg a day before bed.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by sugashane
    god, Is M1T that bad?!?! I was gonna take it while Im cutting, but I dont know, you guys get cramps after running a mile?!?! what if I keep the dosages low? 5-10mg?
    I got cramps on 10mg a day. That was it. Supplementing with taurine and a ****ton of water normally alleviate the cramps for most. Nobody can really predict what it'll do to you. Everyone seems to react a little bit different...

  3. I cramped up really bad too on 5, 10 and 15 mgs. But supplementing with a lot of potassium helped significantly. That being said, don't work for UPS while taking M1T, nasty stuff lol.

  4. I have never gotten cramps on m1t and i have run it up to 50 mgs a day...I guess im kinda special (meaning i ride the small bus to school)

  5. Quote Originally Posted by pjflynn
    I made the mistake of trying to save a little money and ride my bike to school. I got about 3 minutes into the ride and my thighs were completely pumped, and my lower back started to cramp. The worst part, it's a fifteen minute ride, AND I had to ride back. Never again.
    This is some funny ****!!LOL! I couldn't stop laughing at work.

  6. Weeks ago, I roto-tilled the whole yard, just under an acre. I knew it was going to be work, didn't think twice about it even while on M1t. I got serious pumps in the forearms, shoulders, all areas to be honest. I thought I would be sore for weeks after completing the last section. Believe it or not, I wasn't sore at all the next day, and actually felt a pump that seemed to last for a few days. It's a good thing we don't have to do that again. HA HA.

  7. eat a couple banannas a day for cramps. it works great and makes all the difference in the back.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by SCORPIO
    This is some funny ****!!LOL! I couldn't stop laughing at work.
    I'm glad somebody could appreciate that.

  9. hmmmm, so writing a novel would probably be a bad thing too - i can't hardly hold a pencil too lond without my fingers cramping up something fierce!
    glad i get to use a keyboard at work!


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