Question about non-meth supplements...

  1. Question about non-meth supplements...

    Right now, i'm doing my 4th week pct after a h-drol cycle, and i have a question... i'm getting ready for a cut phase in a couple of weeks, and i was wondering if i could take a non-meth supplement such as Furuza-A after my pct...and do i need to pct after i use it?


  2. Time on cycle + PCT= minimum time between cycles. You still need to pct for a non methylated

  3. no need to bump, that is the answer that 99.99% of the people will tell you.

    4 week cycle + 4 week PCT = 8 weeks before you run your next cycle.

    And that is a minimum recommendation. I would not want to be running too many cycles each year, very hard on your body: blood pressure, cholesterol, liver, receptors, HPTA.
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