Meth-D and 19-Nortestosterone

  1. Meth-D and 19-Nortestosterone

    I was reading on 1fast400 and DS that Methyl D is a derivative of 19-nor. I am wondering what is the relationship between the two is. I have searched and haven't really come up with anything. Thanks.

  2. good question

  3. Yeah, but.... so is tren. The differences between those two are huge, of course.

  4. its just its base, like Jcc stated so is tren, methyl tren and about 40 others. is there something specific you were thinking of?

  5. Tren and 19-nor are similar in that shutdown seems to be harder. Not much feedback from m-dien yet about it.

  6. Well Supers data is showing that it isnt as suppressive as M1T, that is why it is just easier to assume all compounds will be very suppressive. Then run standard 6-8 week pcts.


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