ECA Stack with Clen -

ECA Stack with Clen

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    ECA Stack with Clen

    I have 50mg ephedrine tabs, 200mg caffiene tabs, and 325mg aspirin tabs. I was looking at taking a stack of this while doing a 2 week on 2 week off clen protocol. The ECA would be ont he 2 weeks off. Also, I will be on T3 throughout.

    I was reading that the best way to take all this was 25mg ephedrine, 200mg caffiene, and 325mg aspirin 3 times a day?

    How do you all setup your ECA stacks dosage wise and stuff?

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    first off.. you are to young to be using gear.. and I would not be using T3 unless I had something to counter act the effect on your muscle mass..

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