Elitefitness warning---read

  1. Elitefitness warning---read

    from anabolic edge

    A warning for all members who use Elitefitness mail. Stop using their email service, the word is EF is in a lot of trouble and might be run by the feds... in that case they'll be able to read every single one of you emails... here's some info posted on other boards...

    "Elite Fitness To Be Run By Feds!!
    If you use elitemail... you may be in BIG trouble.

    The Goings on at Elitefitness... Exodus.
    Well, it has probably become clear to everyone that a number of mods (6 as it stands now) have resigned from Elitefitness... I suspect 3-4 more will leave within the next week.

    Here is the goings on. BigRickRock = EFDave = EF Alfredo -- they are all the same person.

    EF Sam = Kronk -- that was let out on EF yesterday.

    BRR has been sending e-mails to several of the mods regarding gear usage. In one sent to myself, he asked me what kind of gear I used, where I used it and asked me about Black Label -- and how on "earth" did they get it from the UK to here-- he even mentioned that they probably have a domestic remailer and then asked me if I knew where it was -- I thought WTF... and found out several other mods had similar e-mails.

    Then I found out that The administration at EF has the ability to READ Elitefitness.com email and frequently read the PMs there of not only the moderators, but the members (I shut my PM's down over 1 month ago). -- so... anything said about sources and **** in EF.com mail, is no doubt archived at EF. .. I'll tell you why in a minute.

    BRR was in some trouble in the past with the authorities... i don't have all the details on it, but it has been brought to my attention by several bros I trust that he cooperated with the feds.

    This being said... GS is in some trouble himself... with a federal agency not really linked to the DEA or FDA, but ... well... let's just say the Revenue department. -- This gives the other agencies the ability to lean on him... and in turn, the moderators.

    The Feds at this time are getting frustrated at the boarder situation... they want to know how **** is brought across and really won't stop until they get a handle on this situation... current legislation is laying down laws and punishments for people as we speak... harsher penalties are on the way and this will be used to get people to breakdown and turn in and over independant labs that make some of the best gear on the planet.

    Now... if you had the administration of EF by the balls... and had a guy like Big Rick Rock on the inside working (and getting paid, mind you) to do all this ... you'd probably have a pretty firm foothold on **** -- a few months ago... EF gave out FREE premium Hushmail accounts to the moderators... it all clicks now.

    EF Sam helped protect alot of the mods from this by deleting **** that was dangerous and bringing to the mods attention everything that was going on... THEY found out about this and had him "disconnected" so to speak... There is rampent speculation that Kronk is the owner of Chemical Muscle -- he isn't, he sold his interest in it to someone else (can't say, but he is also a mod at EF -- not me *******s ) -- and they used this as a reason for "letting him go".

    Look at the members who are leaving... Frackal, and others... soon, some more of the mods will leave... I suggest that if you are posting on EF -- keep it simple, mask your IP and don't use EF mail...

    I can answer any questions... I have a few clients to train, and will be back later on tonight.

  2. thats old news

  3. very old news

  4. old or not, its still good to know because i didnt know it. tho i don't visit elite fitness i now won't. thanks

  5. First I heard that....

  6. EF is gay..it used to be ok a long time ago

  7. Yeah....that's when a great deal of the vets left and went to Irontrybe.com
    (used to be chemicalmuscle).


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