NaOH for estrogen solubilizer

  1. NaOH for estrogen solubilizer

    Kitchen chemist:

    I'm mainly directing this question towards you, or anyone else who might know it. I hear the 'estrogen solubilizer' is merely caustic soda/sodium hydroxide. But I've now also heard that it seperates the estrogen and the test prop. So if your trying to get test prop, they don't use Lye. What's the word, and is there an easier way of seperating the estrogen, without paying such a ridiculous price?

    - flashpoint

  2. An easier way to remove the estradiol while leaving the ester No one knows what the "estrogen solublizer" is. If you use NaOH you will just end up with a base compound.

  3. I'm confused, can you repeat that in laymans terms?

  4. I'm glad that you have come to AM to learn about hombrewing, but please do some research before hand. I assume that you are considering doing a syno conversion. Syno has Test Prop + Estradiol. Here are the options:

    Kit + Syno = Test Prop

    NaoH + Syno = Test Base

    If you want to know more about esters, just search for the info. Go with the Test prop if you are going to pin it or the base if you want a transdermal.

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