This is my first conversion, Im using the following recipe:

For 6 grams of 1-test cyp powder add 9 mls of BB(1.5mls per gram), 1.5mls of BA, and about 18 mls of grapeseed oil, to the Powder. Boil some water, and take off the burner. Stick vial in the water, swirl around a bit, stick it back in the water. Keep doing this until dissolved. Let it cool to room temp. Make sure the 1-T cyp does not drop out. Re heat the water to almost boiling, and take off the burner. Let the 1-Cyp solution sit in the water for a minute maybe. Using a .45um filter, filter solution into a sterile vial, making sure to vent with a 25 g pin to vent pressure. Voila, 200mg/ml 1-T Cyp.

Im going to use the same procedure for my 4-ad cyp powder, does everything look like its in order? Should I bake the finished product?