Anavar Transdermal???

  1. Anavar Transdermal???

    Cost aside, is it possible to make an anavar transdermal from the powder..

    Just thinking you might be able to get more in your system vs. an equal oral dose in pill form.

    Im probably way off though.

  2. its methylated - why would you want to put it in a dermal?

  3. I want to make an anavar transdermal too
    based on the reasons I cite here:

    M1T transdermal

  4. uh - unless i am delerious - everyone says no 17-alkyalted substances in a dermal - just like i said.

  5. Thanks fellas, just a quick thought since I found some powder...

    If its half the absorption than oral, then forget it.

  6. make a solution out of it.....

  7. why on earth would you make a oral a dermal is beyond me mmmmmmmkay

  8. I can't beleive that this question was even asked.

  9. Too bad its not april 1st. Then at least they could deny it =p

  10. If you gotta digi scale, then you can just measure out the mg's and put 'em in caps....I did this with 4-AD powder in the past, but it was a beeeitch....

  11. Sorry for asking, Ive never seen it brought up, now I know why...

    Thank SIFU, but you can STFU, your post is no more constructive than mine

  12. OK look man, that is not the way to be welcomed here. Look at my numbers of posts bitch, then realize that I am a vet, you are a newbie asking stupid ass questions. Why on earth would you put a 17AA hormone into a dermal? It is methylated for a reason. It is called oral consumption.

  13. Im not some newbie you self-absorbed post whore. I came here to ask the question to 'transdermal board' thinking I could get some decent feedback, not some jackass response.

    A simple explanation would have worked instead of your worthless words.

    Patting yourself on the back wont make your arms any bigger...

    If you came into my field, I would run circles around you, but I would never insult anyones questions for my own satisfaction.

    So you can **** off!

  14. Your field. hahahahahahha. Ok stop with the bull****. No one is impressed. Post whore that is nice. I help out everyone, unless it is a dumbass question. That could have been answered by reding a profile on anavar.

    Just what is your field.

  15. Sorry bro, with 1259 posts, it doesnt matter what field I am in, you'll have the answer..

    Post Count= Vet .. Havent heard that one in a while...

    Im not the one trying to impress anyone, remember I asked a question.

    You related to Fonz by chance?

  16. Nope, sorry I am not. As I said what field? I can admit when i am wrong. it seems you are having a problem with it. But hell it is ok, you will be getting a warning soon enough.

  17. Actually.. both of you need to chill just a little.. yes the question was a little off but at the same time he had looked for the answer and it was not anywhere.. so he asked.. enough said... WE are all here to learn, and sometimes it involves asking some questions, just because it is an obvious question to someone else doesn't mean it is that way to everyone.. Now if the question has been asked several times.. then it becomes a dumb question

  18. Quote Originally Posted by ps24eva
    I want to make an anavar transdermal too
    based on the reasons I cite here:

    M1T transdermal

    I saw your reasons and the delay would not be long at all. It doesn't matter if it bypass's the hepatic portal vein, it would eventually reach the liver through the hepatic artery which wouldn't take long at all. Absortion is not the key, bioavailibilty is and its the same regardless. Just because you delayed it 2 minutes or 2 days the bioavailability is the same (which is high for both deliveries BECAUSE its methylated). If it wasn't methylated then thats differerent because the bioavailability would be different (and why trans is better than oral for non methylated PH's).

    Your delay theory doesn't make sense because its the same amount regardless. When you take 20mg of D-bol, 19-20mg passes through. If you get 19-20mg absorbed transdermal, its still 19-20mg. Whether it takes 5 minutes or 1 hour the effects are the same.
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  19. Quote Originally Posted by Matthew D
    Actually.. both of you need to chill just a little..
    Bump Matt.

    BOTH of you need to chill. I don't care if your a "vet" or a "newbie" or whatever status you want to associate yourself with.
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