Formestane...really effective?

  1. Formestane...really effective?

    Probably old news bringing up Formestane, but have any of you found it to be of real use in either a AAS or PH cycle. I'm curious because I don't want to buy another DIM or similarly ineffective compound. I'd say that supplements act like supplements and drugs act like drugs, but with the environment today in regards to legal "pro-whatever you want to call em" we know that some "supplements" do in fact work well. Would you compare it to an actual suicidal aromatase inhibitor or a weak nolvadex or something even weaker. Any replies appreciated.

  2. maybe the experts will chime in, but from what little i understand it does work.

  3. what dosage per day?

  4. On cycle it works great. Between 100mg to 250mg would be the effective dosage. Off cycle, well, there is debate

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