Fina, Test 250 cycle

  1. Fina, Test 250 cycle

    what would you reccomend dosages? i was planning 1/2 cc of fina every other day its 200mg so that will split it in half as i do not need that much, what would be a suggest dossage of the two stacking? ive gotten a couple opinions from family but just lookin to see what else people say

  2. it looks like u have tren e with the dose of 200mg/ml....or else thats gonna be some PAAAAAAINFUL tren ace

  3. haha its 200mg, but im only taking half a cc cutting that in half so i wont take in as much any ideas on the fina,test cycling? i also have my cycle assist and nolva on hand just need some ideas on how to run this cycle befor ei finalize my plans

  4. any ideas?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by vernymac12 View Post
    any ideas?
    what is ur cycle history and goals for this cycle?

  6. i've ran decca durabolin and d-bol before this was two years ago, taken a variety of PH's to me its a waste unless your doing the real thing, my body responded well to the gear first go around, ive had a good diet, not for bulking but will be changing that on this, basically ive had a clean diet just sustaining myself until now, im looking to gein about 15-20lbs more is welcome i do not mind but thats just a round figure more or less doesnt matter as long as its muscle and i better myself...


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