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    Since Im thinking of doing Sustanon 250 I will be using this site as PART of my research. Does anyone have any good links, info or advice on this product?? Any help would be great in helping me make my final decision.

  2. its just a blend of different test esters

  3. I think it's like 4 test esters short esters to long esters

  4. I was looking for information like how much to take, what to stack with it with anything, what to use on a PCT. Stuff like that. I know there is probably a million threads on here with that kind of info but I thought I would ask anyways.

  5. dosing is very widely debated due to the different esters and times they kick in, Many will begin with front loading around 500mg twice a week for the first few weeks to take advantage of the quick acting esters while the slower ones get into the system and then cut back to around 500 or so for the duration. I am purely speaking from what I have done myself and know others have done. This may not be the best way so feel free to put me down. I no longer use sus250 because I am not a huge fan of test blend. For pct you will need anything you would use with a normal test cycle(nolva, clomid,etc)

  6. as far as what to stack it with it all depends on what your wanting for results out of your cycle. If it were me I purely wanted strength and water weight I would throw in deca and anadrol, or use eq in place of deca and dbol in place of anadrol. Use of oral will kickstart you cycle and get you going good, but know much will be due to water weight. I am not familiar with people using sus250 for a cutting cycle but suppose you could stack with some winstrol or fina, and anavar. but would not be my choice

  7. Thank you to everyone for your input. But I was looking for the kind of information that bigbeef gave here. Thanks bigbeef I will take all that into consideration. Any personal experiences good and bad would from anyone that has done Sus250 would be great to!!!

  8. test is pretty much test, I agree with the frontloading only if you are going to run it by itself, if you have a kick start there is no real reason to frontload it. First run i would definately keep it in the range of 500-750mg/week, for at least 10 weeks. Remeber to get pre and post cycle blood work done, Do all the testosterone tests, LH, FSH, T3. t4, estradiol, and get a full metabolic panel to give you an idea of your liver values cholesterol etc. It is important to have this info pre cycle because if u feel off or really wrong post PCT and you get blood work done u will know which hormones or values are out of wack.

    I dont know how much expereince you have with test or cycling in general so im going to suggest you do some more research but a really good kick start if wishing to bulk is dbol again if its ur first time using dbol i wouldnt go much over 30mg a day. Anadrol is a little intense for a first round cycle as well as decca (just for the sheer fact decca **** exsists and could get you really worried until the test kicks in).

    If you are cutting the best combo out there is the t3/clen/var. I find that to cut significant amount of fat off and since you are going to be on test you can run this with very little worry about going catabolic. I do suggest you research a lot before taking any of those especially the clen and t3. Var itself is kinda weak so not much worry there.

    PCT ancillaries- Nolva, clomid, IMO clomid is the best after long cycles but thats just personal opinion. On cycle it would be in your best interest to look up HCG, cycle support supplements for liver and BP issues, as well as an AI you would want to run. My favorite is anastrozole but thats just me. As well as a natty test booster again my fav natty test booster is Sustain alpha. You should know ur PCT stuff like the back of ur hand and have it in hand before you start a cycle. PCT is more important than the cycle itself. It will either let you keep everything or really **** your body up if u dont take it seriously. So go do your research.

  9. this is all said in the interest that
    a) ur over 21
    B) ur at your genetic limit right now
    C) you have a good understanding of what you are getting into
    D) You understand diet and training VERY well
    E) You do your own research, dont take what anyone says as absolute truth go do the homework involved with these drugs.

  10. Thank you Slacker for your input. Yes I am over the age of 21. And like I stated earlier, I am using this site as part of my research because I realize there are alot of people that have used these products and would have great insight for me. But I will be doing alot of research before I inject myself with a needle 100% for sure.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by slacker86 View Post
    this is all said in the interest that
    a) ur over 21
    B) ur at your genetic limit right now
    C) you have a good understanding of what you are getting into
    D) You understand diet and training VERY well
    E) You do your own research, dont take what anyone says as absolute truth go do the homework involved with these drugs.
    this is a very good model to go by. From my own experience I would go past 21 though but that is where a) and b) kind of become one. I dont think many people have reached genetic limit at 21. Possily if you have seriously, and I mean seriously trained and dieted well since you were like 16 or 17 you might be there. I lifted since I was 15 but did not have my diet on point and did not always train consistently and full intensity, which blends into point d). Points c) and e) go hand in hand. Know what you are getting in to. Some things are done once they are done and you could totally screw up your body. Know what works and what is theorectially "safe" to do. And always do your own research. Probably some of the worst people to take advice from are the huge guys at the gym. I took advice from a guy that competes with pro card and had severe medical problems from taking his advice, some that could not be reversed. Many seasoned vets lose their respect for the drugs and the potential problems you may face. Not faulting them, it is just kind like you dont drive your car as careful now as when you first started driving. They have been doing it a long time and created tolerances that cause them to use large amounts, amounts that will trouble your body. I had a severe problem with a lutalyse dose because the pro got confused when telling me how to dose and told me how many ml's he used when he meant to say units. I am now on synthroid for life due to over dosing on cytomel to prepare for a show. I feel to achieve the cuts and look to compete in the open class you have to use clen and t3, but for 99% of people that use it, it is because they dont want to diet and exercise the amount of time it takes to cut a lot of weight

  12. Thank you for the warnings bigbeef. I will definitly do alot of research before I decide whether or not to purchase the sus. A friend of mine has a doctor written book on the safest way to take steroids. If you like I could get the name of the book.

  13. I appreciate the offer bro but I am good, it was over ten years ago when I first got involved and have moved way past that. I am no longer a user myself other than some testosterone therapy at times, but I mainly just workout for my own well being and help do nutrition and consultation with some athletes and bodybuilders. One of the guys I work with will be competing for his shot at his pro card in about 10 more weeks so I am pretty pumped about that, will be the first of the guys I consult to make it that far. I was just telling you about my past and how bad things can be. I do believe steroids can be used pretty safely, I gained a wealth of knowledge a few years back when I had a doctor take me under his wing. He specializes in hormone therapy and is an endocrinlogist(I know spelling is wrong) and has worked with some very high end competitors in my area. There are some very knowledgable guys on this board that can give you a ton of info, but most people on here are oral only people. Orals have their place, and you can see gains, but are not always the quanity or quality gains you would achieve from injectables, but to each their own. I myself also use superdrol from time to time. I would definitely tell you to study until you think you know it all and then study some more. More is not always better when it comes to milligrams and cc's. I would personally run a lower dose of test over a long time that higher numbers for 8-10 weeks. Many of the things you read and hear about is gym talk, there is no bloodwork or body chemistry to prove it. It may have worked for someone but the more you are into the scene and get the truth, most of what you hear is not first hand knowledge but what one guy told another guy that a guy of a friends of his cousin told him. So listen to what is said. One good way to find out if someone knows what they are talking about is reading up on their other post. If they seem knowledgable on anabolics, check up in the supplement section, and training section and various other sections to see how wise they are in other areas. Most people that truely know what they are doing know a lot in all the aspects that pertain to bodybuilding. I could ramble all day, but be careful and good luck to ya


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