conversion question

  1. conversion question

    sorry if this sounds like a stupid question....thought i had it figured out until someone told me different...i am doing a test prop only cycle with a syno conversion. going to use dazed kit. I have 5 cart coming and am going to buy the kit. I thought with 5 cart u buy the 5c kit and u get 100 mg/ml and it has 90 ml of oil. so i would have , 9-10 g of test after the conversion and would come out to 100 mg/ml once in the solution from the 5c kit.

    my question started when someone told me i would need to get the 10 c kit for 5 carts if i wanted the concentration to be 100 mg/ml. he said the 5c kit would make 180 mg/ml, a bit more than i want for a first cycle. was going to do 150 mg eod.

    so does the 5c kit, using 5 carts, make 100 mg/ml? or was he right? he may have been confused and just gave me bad info. and if so, no biggie but i want to get it straight.

    thanks bro's

  2. im hurt, no one wants to answer my stupid question..

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