M1T activation time

  1. M1T activation time

    How long does it takem1t to become active in your system, like how long does it take for you to feel the effects of m1t.

  2. The good or bad effects, LOL ? With Mt1 , I got all the 'bad effects' - headache, mental fogginess , lethargy and severe low back fatigue/ cramping - right away ... like within the first two days and have to say I didn't see any 'good effects' - probably because I didn't stay on long enough. First time I stopped after two weeks and the second I stopped after ten days.

    With the M1,4add (liquid first and later tablets) I got good results but it was at least the three week point before I noticed anything at all . I had none of the sides as I did with MT1. I had no problem running this for 8weeks.

  3. I felt strength increases in the first week. The pumps are insane and painful, they will show up by the end of the first week.

    I believe it is active from the very first dose.
  4. NE1
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    For me, nothing first week @ 10mg ED, thought it was bunk.
    2nd week, bumped things up to 20mg, noticed mild back pumps, and sleeping better.
    3rd week gained 5lbs, nice pumps, hard time sleeping and increased acne a bit.
    4th week, gained 2lbs so far, 3 day left, same sides as above @ 15mg ED.

  5. i think he meant as in once you take m1t when do you feel it working....
    I think its 1 hour after you take it.

  6. what can you do do combat the low back and joint pain, I experienced this when I took a cycle of 1ad/4ad, and it was just so painful, I had a hard time getting through workouts.


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